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Bucknam Benson House at Seal Cove

Johnson Bucknam Bensons House front


My great-great grandfather, Seward Bucknam Benson lived in this house at Seal Cove, on Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick.  Bucknams’s daughter, my great grandmother Wealtha Irene Benson wrote on a postcard, “This is our home on Grand Manan where I was born and brought up.”

Bucknam Benson was a fisherman and a farmer.  He lived in this house with his wife Hannah (nee Cheney) and his four daughters, Winifred, Wealtha, Eva and Anita and his three sons Alfred, Warren and Maxwell.  Bucknam and Hannah’s son, Alfred died of diphtheria at age 15 in 1886.

We saw this house when it was for sale.  It had a lovely pantry but the foundation walls were crumbling.  The price was around ninety thousand.  It has a beautiful view of Seal Cove Beach.  It is built on part of the Caleb Benson’s original 100 acre grant.  The house is still there today on Red Point Road, in Seal Cove.  Caleb Benson’s grave is in the field between the house and the beach.

I took the photograph for this rug in Aug. of 2000.

Bees in San Jose

Bees in February in San Jose
Bees in February in San Jose

Sunnyvale_Across_fr_AGO 010Sunnyvale_Across_fr_AGO 011

Sunnyvale_Across_fr_AGO 009

On February 3rd, I drove from Sunnyvale to San Jose.  I went to Hanchett Residence Park and took photos of Arts and Crafts Movement Houses.  I was there about noon.  All three of these houses are on Martin Avenue.  Hanchett Resident Park is bounded by Alameda, Hester, Park and Race Streets.

Barn Lust

Barn Lust ~ ©Trish Johnson
Barn Lust ~ ©Trish Johnson

This is an old dairy barn in Prince Edward County that my daughter Laura lusts after.  She loves this barn and wants to own it and of course the land it is on.  Her dream is that someday the barn could be converted to a house.  Laura and her family have the use of the land right now and they have planted hazelnut trees for the future.  They have also planted marvelous heirloom tomatoes in many shades of reds, oranges and yellows, potatoes (also is many shades of reds, yellows, purples and blue), zucchini and garlic.  There are apples and grapes there already.  There is a view of Lake Ontario in the distance and you can swim just down the road.  Laura and her family are in the process of sorting out what needs to be done to make this land theirs.


My daughter Laura was born and raised in Toronto.  She started her own company, Cubitsorganics.com which sells rare and heirloom seeds for urban gardeners.  And urban gardening has led to a desire a place in the country.  It is reminiscent of the old TV show Green Acres. “Farm livin’ is the life for me.  Land spreading out so far and wide” has an almost universal appeal.  This rug is really just the beginning of a story.  This is a place that I hope becomes important to my family’s history.